The crucial first step to survival in all organisms is habitat selection. If you get to the right place, everything else is likely to be easier.
Edward O. Wilson, Biophilia

Located on Vashon Island, Washington, Sylvan Sanctuary is a woodland garden where you can escape to accomplish a personal goal: restore your creative juices; work on a writing project or work of art; revive your energy level; recover from illness or grief. From research and personal experience, we know that gardens and pets support healing and happiness, so you are encouraged to bring your dog.

Sylvan Sanctuary is similiar to a B&B, but is not a tourist destination. Our intent is to support fellow travelers on the road to creativity, recovery, and personal joy. We will serve as your personal concierge to facilitate the support you need, whether that means coaching on your writing, identifying a massage therapist or life coach, providing directions to trails or beaches, or cooking your favorite comfort foods.