Opportunities on Vashon

Access to Vashon Island is by boat or ferry. Your trip across Puget Sound will be relatively short (20 minutes by ferry), but sufficiently soothing to put you in a different space as soon as you hear the words: "Now arriving Vashon."

On your short drive to Sylvan Sanctuary (we can also pick up foot passengers at the ferry), you might spy island residents buying vegetables at the summer market, alpacas grazing in an open field, or someone leafleting for an important cause. There is no shortage of activism on the island: you can call in your whale sighting to Orca Annie, contribute a bird photo to a data base at the Heron Meadow, or listen in as octogenarians discuss politics at a coffee house or tea shop.

Wherever you go, you may notice an artistic sensibility, the result of an abundance of artists among the island’s 10,000-plus residents. Depending on where you go, you'll see Douglas fir forests, a pond shaped like a John Deere reindeer, a pumpkin patch, sail boats waiting for action in Quartermaster Harbor, and rampant blackberries clambering over shrubs.

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